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Documents and logistic processes's dematerialisation

20/09/2017 - Via Ettore Bugatti 15 View event on map

Faber System, accreditive Conservative of AgID and specialized in corporate document processes's automation, has the pleausure of inviting you to the Open Day dedicated to the 

Documents and logistic processes's dematerialisation

Faber System has developed document management solution specific for Logistics world, both for direct operators and companies, able to manage in their completeness the paperworks relating to the shipment and receipt of goods. 

Import-Export documents's dematerialisation
 through clever archives 

The solution allows to manage the Import-Export practices and store in substitution mode all the documents that compose them (shipping bills,bills of lading, summery Recap Invoice, Cites, Movement Reference Number,..). Once the Customer transmits the document (both pdf and scanned paper files), the keys of extraction of data, that are necessary to the “link” between documents composing the entire process of shipping, are established. 
The customer defines, according to its needs, the search indexes whitin the platform
, allowing the navigation through each document included in the practice.

The advantages: the possibility to digitally store the practices and search any document that compiles it through an user friendly interface. 


WAM APP DDT is the App for Smartphone and Tablet which dematerialize the menagment of transport documents. 
The couriers that deliver the goods are equipped with tablets to allow the custumer to sign the DDT with graphometric signature. The signed DDT is accompanied by the goods's photo which attest their integrity at the time of delivery. WAM App DDT allow the creation of just one multipage pdf and, through the advanced OCR integrated system, it's possible to reconcile the signed DDT with the reference order.  
The documents are preserved in substitution mode on WAM and are always searchable through the platform 

The advantages: 
  • Semplicity of use 
  • Elimination of inefficiencies, loss of time or documents
  • Traceability and accurate process control
  • Automatic reconciliation of the relevant order information
The Regulations CE 1875/2006

The regulations CE 1875/2006 provides that in the member States the customs bills shell not accompany the goods up to the community border but they stop at the shipper's customs: the export customs transmit, indeed, an electronic export message to the outgoing customs that, made the verifications, sends the "output results" to the export customs. 

the advantages: the "output results" rapresents the goods exit proof and are verifiable in real time by the same exporter, also eliminating the risk of documentation loss.
                                                     AGENDA OF THE DAY  

The Open Day will be held on Wednesday 20 September from 9h30 to 12h30 at the registered office of Faber System ,Via Ettore Bugatti, 15 - 20142 Milan.

09.30 - Welcome Coffee 
10.00 - Business presentation

10.10 - The law in force : The regulations CE 1875/2006

 - the telematic transmission of transport documents

10.25 - Import-Export documents's dematerialisation: menagement and clever storage with OCR/ICR.   

- the advantages 
- the process 
- the service offered by Faber System  
- Case History

11.00 - Chanel Coordination: IT manager Sandro Gangemi exposes the case history about the implemented project in Italy 

11.15 - Coffee Break 

11.30 - WAM APP DDT: menagment by App in mobility of transport documents with loading on portal WAM e Replacement Conservation 

12.15 - Questions & Answers 

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