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WAM: the scalable platform

WAM (Web Archive Management)
is the integrated platform for Archiving, Legal Conservation, Workflow Management and Multichannel Document Delivery that allow to perform the digitalization and the Legal Conservation of any document format, by removing paper and reducing search and management costs. WAM, fully web accessible, without any impact on company structure, simplifies and automates any document process.

is based on an open architecture in order to allow the solution configuration and the customization based upon each customer requirements. WAM is set up as a scalable platform, its components are also able to work autonomously.


  • Saving: no print or physical archive costs.
  • Processes simplification and optimization: operational inefficiencies removal (paper document research), business processes standardization, elimination of risks due to documents loss or perishability.
  • Security: total company data and information security, Garante delle Privacy new dispositions fulfillment, CNIPA digital signature standard compliance, Legal Conservation and Certified Electronic Mail.