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Mondelez Italia

The Group Mondelēz International
(until 29.04.2013 Kraft Foods Italy Srl) holds worldwide leading positions in the markets in which it competes: holds the 1st position in Biscuits, Chocolate and Candy and the 2nd position in the market for chewing gum. The main brands of Mondēlez Italy are: Philadelphia, Sottilette, Oro Saiwa, Tuc, Vitasnella, Fonzies, Ritz, Cipster, Milka, Halls and Osella.

Mondēlez intended to achieve the optimization of document management, unifying procedures Storage, Preservation, Document Distribution Multichannel, Web Publishing and Web Repository for external users.

The project developed by Faber System through the 3.0 platform WAM full outsourcing has allowed Mondēlez the digital document management Cycle Active and Passive Cycle, and the management of historical documents processed for longer than the last ten years. In particular the services activated are:

  • For Cycle Active Archiving and Legal Conservation of Electronic Invoices active Italy, Invoice active abroad, credit notes, the journal, the VAT records, the Bolle Active (DDT), Master Data, Cards Fido, contracts / lists and invoices Filconad
  • For Passive cycle: Archiving and Preservation of Electronic Invoices of suppliers / promotions
  • To History: dubbing substitute for longer than the last 10 years, the documents processed both for the Active Cycle Passive Cycle for that, for disputes and pre-litigation

  • Unified platform and integrated internationally
  • Digital archive available from links in a simple and immediate
  • Optimization of human resources operations
  • Dematerialization of documents with the progressive elimination of paper and related costs
  • Delivery of documents by Mail with tracking delivery via email with links (invoices, statements, reminders, etc.)
  • Delivery of Bills PEC (art.62)
  • Advanced management of contracts / lists via PEC
  • WEB repository to external users