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Laboratoires Boiron Italia

Who is Laboratoires Boiron Italia
Laboratoires Boiron Italia is one of the most ancient and large entities in the field of homeopathic medicines. The group is formed by more than 50 subsidiaries around the world, the Italian subsidiary, founded in 1979 is located in Segrate near to Milano.


The main goal of the Archiving, Legal Conservation and Document Delivery Project was not only paper circulation reduction but mainly the value creation through the efficiency retrieve and the saving that dematerialization is a significant part.
The main need was to define the whole document process within a system able to increasingly improve the enterprise performances and a significant saving in terms of work hours of human resources dedicated to paper management.

In 2007 a strategic plan is implemented in order to centralize, virtualize and assess ICT infrastructures through the migration from custom application to an ERP system. Inside this internal reorganization it has been framed a document management project, meant as an important step toward dematerialization, legal conservation and electronic document management within the company.

Laboratoires Boiron choice has fallen on Faber System WAM Platform, chosen for its adaptability features to the Boiron’s internal system. The factors that have oriented toward this choice are leading to the ability to take advantage on a service base of a full, efficient and trustable document management solution in the very same way it was defined by Boiron. The web portal to access to the services has been structured taking into account main Boiron needs: interfacing to the perfection the ERP system and having a unique reference point for all matters related to document management: Legal Conservation, Delivery/Mailing, EDI/Dafne System.

The more evident benefits of this project are:

  • Outsourcing of a complex software including fiscal and legal implications
  • Full responsibility delegation
  • Unique reference point
  • Greater focus on core business
  • Less time in Document retrieval
  • 60% reduction in paper consumption