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Guess Europe

Guess is an American brand specializing in the production of clothing and fashion accessories, was founded in California in 1981 by Marciano Brothers. Today Guess manufactures and markets in more than 80 countries, lifestyle symbol of a young, sexy and adventurous people.

Automate accounting and outsourcing of invoices BPM suppliers in Europe after the departure of the successful conservation of the active integrated cycle documents to Multidelivery documents.
The business need was to frame the inbound invoice processing workflow in a system that would allow the incremental improvement of business performance and significant savings in terms of hours of work of human resources and paper use.

"The international project done in collaboration with Faber System resulted in a major step towards the dematerialisation and automation of document processes in the Company related to the management of suppliers and customers invoices by postal delivery. The project allowed us to achieve goal of creating value through the efficiency savings, as well as the drastic reduction of the paper support."

The process WAM Paper to ERP starts with sending by Guess to Faber System of PDF documents in original format or obtained from scanning paper documents. They are digitized by the Centre Services Faber System which subsequently provides the maceration. All digital documents are uploaded to platform WAM 3.0 where your keywords are extracted from the PDF through OCR / ICR software (otherwise the user should enter them by hand); the user checks any faults and made official accounting records. WAM 3.0 acquires the VAT protocol, combines the WAM PDF documents with the accounting registration of JD EDWARDS through the keywords entered, allowing the BPM (Business Process Management) WAM proceeding automatic approval of invoices and the related payments. The process is powered by Key Performance Indicators, indicators to analyze the performance of the process.


  • saving time: the process is faster;
  • increased productivity and faster disposal of the work;
  • improved efficiency in the process of invoices;
  • improving data quality and service with corporate partners;
  • a better chance of negotiating the commercial terms with suppliers;
  • chance to avoid penalties for late payment of invoices.
Process automation continues to innovate, supported by the potential offered by digital technologies and laws that encourage the spread of a favorable market environment. Faber System has focused on the development of mobile applications digitization of processes, also strengthening its role as a qualified intermediary in e-invoicing processes and e-European procurement.