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Bausch + Lomb is one of the leading worldwide manufacturer of products for eye health: the company manufactures soft contact lenses and rigid gas permeable, articles for lens care products and ophthalmic surgical and pharmaceutical products. Bausch + Lomb is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing and marketing of products for eye health thanks to their high level of accuracy.

Optimizing Document Management of any divisions of the company, unifying the procedures Archiving, Storage and Distribution Document Replacement Multichannel.

"The European Project Green Invoicing Bausch & Lomb has simplified the process of document management in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Poland, obtained by the platform WAM developed by Faber System, which optimizes time, cost, resources and promotes a zero impact on the environment "

Bausch + Lomb chose WAM Service for the digital management of documents in the Active Cycle, now preserved by law and are always available online, after password access. The process of Delivery interested in active invoices, reminders and statements, allowing printing, mailing and shipping at affordable rates. The solution allows then sending it by e-mail with a link and provides a web repository for customers and agents, significantly streamlining time, resources and costs.


  • Unified platform that can be integrated at European level
  • Digital archive accessible from links in a simple and immediate way
  • Optimization of the human resources
  • Dematerialization of documents with the gradual elimination of paper and related costs
  • Delivery of emails with links and Web repository