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Messaggerie Libri

Who is Messaggerie Libri
Messaggerie Libre is the most important Italian independent distributor of publishing products for book shops.
Over 150 publishers have chosen Messaggerie Libri as partner for their activity, that at the moment involves more than 4.000 points of sale.
Messaggerie Libri acquired in 90 years of history a reference position in the publishing distribution market building and maintaining a reciprocal trust link with the book shops.


Messaggerie Libri’s goal is to implement an Integrated Document Management through the unification of all flows completed with Legal Conservation, with a progressive extension of the documents type involved in the project.


The project started in 2007 with the Outsourcing mode, Faber System receives the spool files from the customer and performs archiving, legal conservation and multichannel delivery for all involved documents. The documents are available for browsing: two years via web and five years on DVD. WAM platform is used by Messaggerie Libri for retransmission upon request of the documents to the customers.

The most evident benefits of this project are:

  • Unique platform for integrated and full usage
  • Document transmission to customers (multichannel)
  • Document management for internal use
  • Automatic management via web portal for forwarding of commercial, marketing and administrative communications via Mail, Certified Electronic Mail, e-Mail, Fax and Repository
  • Web access to available documents for out of office personnel
  • Internal user satisfaction
  • On line service for Messaggerie Libri customers (invoice self service) directly from web portal www.meli.it