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WAM Multichannel Document Delivery

Wam Delivery can represent whether a solution or a full outsourcing service used to forward any type of document (spool, doc, pdf, csv) through different channels (electronic invoicing, web repository, Email, PEC, Mail, Fax, SMS). It is integrated with Archiving and Legal Conservation Services and can be applied in cases of both fixed and variable texts.

Mailing services are offered by Faber System in collaboration with the following partners:

  • TNT Post, which use its delivery service called “Formula Certa” to provide certificated place and time of delivery through a satellite technology. Each envelope is constantly tracked and identified by a barcode, read at the moment of delivery, while data are downloaded in specific files which every customer can check by web. As far as international services are concerned, Faber System and TNT Post offer the “Global Mail” service, the leading independent worldwide corporate operating in the field of cross border mail distribution, which ensure the best rates available on the market
  • Postel
  • Italian Post

WAM Delivery Platform control portal allows to monitor the status of their delivery, according to:
  • document type
  • date, time, type and status of the delivery
  • date and time of reading or delivery
  • date and time of recovery and resending in case of failure in the submission through the main channel
  • incorrect delivery addresses notification