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14/04/2016: Suppliers Invoices Management in Europe

Guess Europe: so we used the process of managing invoices in Europe developed by Faber System


Document management is one of the processes with an innovation increasingly important thanks to the introduction of digital technologies, provided by various regulations and developments aiming at greater efficiency.

29/10/2013: 30 years of success

Faber System celebrates 30 years of success: a very important goal, we have achieved through continuous research in computer science and technological excellence solutions to simplify the business processes of our Customers.

25/07/2012: Digital documents in the era of Cloud

Customers like Faber System because it takes away the thoughts related to the document management company: WAM 3.0 optimizes and automates business processes, reduce operating costs and increase profitability.

05/06/2012: Document Management Evolution

Less paper and more efficiency: technology, through dematerialisation and electronic storage in accordance with the law, is a powerful aid

30/12/2011: The advantages of the Web Archive Management

Advanced management of the business with support for advanced technologies, and operational cost savings with immediate and tangible effetcs.

25/11/2011: Digital Document Management

A 3-step winning formula: one integrated platform, SaaS solutions with the delegation of responsibility and optimization of business processes