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01/08/2017: Barcelona Exchange Summit 2017

Faber System will participate at XIII edition of the Exchange Summit in Barcellona on 9 - 10 October 2017.

12/12/2016: Banca Farmafactoring 16th November 2016- Alberto Berti's intervention

"Digital evolution 2016 and more: from Peppol to electronic invoicing between private operators". Watch Alberto Berti interview,Faber system's CEO at report 2º SEM 2016 of Banca Farmafactoring on 16th November 2016.

06/12/2016: Invoices Transmission and fees: the option can exercised within 31st March 2017

The term pass from 31 December 2016 to 31 March 2017 for invoices and fees data transmission with the provision n.212804 of 1st December 2016.

03/10/2016: B2B Process - Listen interview of Alberto Berti, CEO of Faber System

Listen to the interview of Radio AChab to Alberto Berti, CEO of Faber System.


The Ministerial Decree of 4 August 2016 introduces significant benefit for taxpayers who use e-invoicing services.

06/07/2016: The effects of the European Regulation eIDAS on the New Code for Digital Administration (Cad)

From July 1st, 2016 the Regulation eIDAS on the electronic identification and trust services for elctronic transaction in the internal market will start to be applied in its operative parts, modifing the new Italian Code of Digital Administration.

19/05/2016: New Policy Statement

The new Privacy Policy will help people to take own control of their personal data and to create a uniform level of protection in all Member States.

24/03/2016: Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who know the joy that comes from the small things ..

04/01/2016: Faber System is AGID Accredited Repository

Faber System has successfully completed the accreditation process provided by AgID (Italy Digital Agency) to carry out the legal conservation of electronic documents

24/12/2015: Merry Christmas

Faber System wish you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

17/03/2015: New Interpretative Circular E-invoicing to Public Administrations

E-invoicing to the PA: circular no. 1 of March 9, 2015 clarifies the substantive scope of the standard

05/03/2015: Milan, March 31, 2015 – Open Day– Complete and Real Time Solutions for Facility Management, Housekeeping and Turns

Facility Vision, Facile Room, SkedulaMe: the most comprehensive and reliable software / services on the market of Facility Management, Housekeeping and Turns Management!

19/02/2015: Quality Certification

Faber System has obtained the ISO 27001: 2013 attesting full compliance of its management systems to the requirements for information security (logical, physical and organizational security), information technology and security techniques.

17/02/2015: Digital Public Administration by 2016

The decree stipulates that Public Administrations, during a transitional period not exceeding 18 months, adjust their systems of records management to switch, in 2016, to produce exclusively digital documents valid for all purposes under the law.

03/06/2014: Electronic invoicing for Public Administrations required from 31.03.2015

From next June 6, the electronic invoice is required to the public administration. After one year, the obligation will extend to local Pa and then companies will have an incentive to embrace digital. And thus become more competitive.

28/05/2014: New goal: increasing our business

Alberto Berti "reveals" Faber System's challenge on the next years: expanding the business abroad. Faber System has already embarked on major international projects with multinational companies ... watch the interview


Last May 8 Faber System participated in the conference 'The Digital document' organised by Soiel International on the themes of the dematerialisation, digitization of information and digital content management.

10/10/2013: New Headquarters

Starting from 14 October 2013, the legal, administrative and operational headquarter will be moved to Via Ettore Bugatti, 15-20142 - Milan. The new office will completely renovated in line with the high-tech services

07/10/2013: Simplifying administrative acts

Find out Faber System's Solution for Public Administration that automates and streamlines the whole process of the administrative act.

30/07/2013: Efficiency and Innovation in the Utilities Market

Faber System offers innovative solutions for Document Process Management dedicated to Utilities that streamline processes and generate immediate savings!

07/11/2011: WAM PEC: Create your Certified Mail Box in a simple way

The Decree Law 185 of 29/11/2008, converted into Law No 2 of 28/01/2009 makes compulsory the use of the PEC (Certified Mail) for all companies and professionals enrolled in the registers.

05/07/2011: SAP Vulnerability Assessment - Check the security of your infrastructure

The SAP installations are configured to be extremely complex, integrated with dozens of components and SAP installations are configured to be extremely complex, with dozens of components and integrated business-critical, so that a threat to the SAP system translates into a serious threat to all the company.